Getting started

The Stent API supports read and write (mutating) access to contacts, campaigns, contents, and more. It gives you the ability to both view and use any data you have in your Stent workspaces outside of the platform.

How it works

The Stent API is based on the GraphQL structure (an alternative to REST-based API), which operates on a single URL/endpoint. You can use the API to pull and/or alter data living in your workspaces.

How to get started

Get your credentials

If you’re a Stent workspace administrator, the first step is to get your API credentials.

pageGet your credentials

Authenticate with the API

Once you get your credentials, the next step in setting up the API is to authenticate with the Access Tokens. For more information, see the section below.

pageGenerate a JWT token

Using the API

Browse our endpoints and start querying the API with the playground. Using the API can be done by a simple POST request with the query in the request body.

pageAccessing Playground

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